River Tour

River "Espíritu Santo" Tour

The Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit) River Natural Reserve, located in the Rio Grande area, is a coastal valley with several ecological zones. It is classified as a subtropical rainforest (79°F average temperature and 77 inches of rain per year).

Part of this reserve is the Espiritu Santo river. This is the only river in Puerto Rico that is open to the ocean that may be navigated by small boats.

The river is lined with forests, mangrove trees and other breathtaking landscapes. Many areas have been untouched by any human development, so you can enjoy the pristine nature.


Las Tortugas Adventures offers kayak tours on the Espiritu Santo River. As you kayak this slow-moving river to Bahia Beach, your guide will explain the ecological system, pointing out the abundant animal life inhabiting the estuaries. You will have a change to encounter an iguana – did you spot the iguana on the photo above?

Once at the beach you will have time to explore or just sit under the beach canopy and enjoy a light snack and cold bottled water before heading back.