Bioluminescent kayak tour Laguna Grande

Experience on of Puerto Rico’s natural wonder.  Encounter nature close up as you paddle through the natural channel that leads yo into Laguna Grande, and the Cape San Juan Nature Reserve.

Bio Bay Tour

Bioluminescence is the light produced by a chemical reaction that occurs in an organism. It occurs at all depths in the ocean, but is most commonly observed at the surface. Bioluminescence is the only source of light in the deep ocean where sunlight does not penetrate. Amazingly, about ninety percent of the organisms that live in the ocean have the capability to produce light.

It can be used to evade predators, attract prey, communicate within their species, or advertise (Nealson, 1985). For example, the angler fish uses the Lure Effect (attracting prey). This fish has a dangling lure in which bioluminescent bacteria live. The lure hangs in front of its mouth; fish swim toward the light and may become food for the angler fish.

About US

“Quality Always Before Quantity


Las Tortugas Adventures is a family run, Veteran owned business. We are dedicated to the preservation of the environment.  All our tours stress a “leave no footprint” mentality. We are environmentally responsible, and still enjoying all that mother nature has to provide.


Prior to establishing Las Tortugas Adventures in 1997, Gary Horne spent 20 years in the United States Coast Guard.  He and his wife Evelyn then started Las Tortugas Adventures.  Gary & Evelyn have over 50+ years of experience working in the marine environment.  With our highly trained staff, the love of kayaking, combined with our island’s beauty.  Makes it easy Share with our guest the best experience possible.

Customer Review

  • This was more than a casual kayaking trip into the Bay. It was a fun, educational, once in a lifetime adventure!!! Our guide was friendly, funny and so well versed on the bay, kayaking, astronomy, and the science surrounding planktons … it was truly amazing!! Worth every $$. I highly recommend this company to all!

  • Súper amazing tour

    Las tortugas adventures was amazing. Excellent staff and great guide!! We highly recommend this for anyone wanting to do the night kayaking! So much fun and beauty. Super recommended

  • Amazing tour!!!!!!

    This tour was such an amazing experience I had never done something so beautiful in my life that I would certainly visit soon. Recommended to the max.

  • This tour was affordable. If booking try to time for the late night paddle with no moon. While we had almost a full moon the tour company provided us with tarps so we could see the bioluminescent bay. The guides were knowledgeable and helpful. The two hours were perfect with us for our seven year old. Gary was very accommodating to our family last minute. Brian was one of the best guides and Rio played with our little guy while we got situated. We will definitely aim to do this again on our next trip.

    Chad P.
  • I checked for better prices before but they were all without transportation so for the tour including transportation $99 was totally in line with all other tours. We booked the second tour which started around 8.30 pm. It was well organized and we had a lot of fun. For people who are scared of being on the water in complete darkness I would recommend the earlier tour but if you really want to see the lights the later tour is awesome.

    Ice B.